DENTONIC is one of the largest manufactures of the oral care brands. The Dentonic range of Oral care products is available throughout the country.

DENTONIC Toothpowder is the pioneer in dental care product. Dentonic toothpowder is a unique product which instantly stops bleeding, clean the teeth, prevent from cavities. The product has become a generic name and is the necessity of every home.

DENTONIC Toothpaste with dual action whitens your teeth and protects from bacteria, caries and tooth decay. The MFP fluoride helps strengthen teeth and effectively protects against cavity.

DENTONIC Sensitive contains Potassium Nitrate that shields effectively against hot and cold sensation. It has the natural goodness of Clove Oil, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon, which supplements natural protection to teeth and gums thus improving oral hygiene.

DENTONIC GELS: (ULTRAWHITNING) A high performance dentifrice, dual action: contains a fine micronized Silica to give teeth their natural brilliance & to maximize cleaning aided by 2 clinically proven anti plaque, anti tartar additives, Acid Sodium Pyrophosphate and Tetra potassium Pyrophosphate. Contain Sodium Fluoride for enamel protection in 4 inciting Flavors.

DENTONIC MISWAK: This toothpaste contains 100% pure & Natural Miswak Powder. Its flavor is uniquely blended to supplement Miswak, Contains Sodium Fluoride for maximum enamel protection.

DENTONIC Toothpaste both regular and Sensitive are only Pakistani Brand that have been approved by PAKISTAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION  (PDA) and efforts are being made to get the approval of PAKISTAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION (PDA) for Dentonic Toothpowder as well.